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Pure show on the hills of Offida where the second act of the Tour of the Marches in Rosa
went on stagein the sign of the blue colors with the solitary affirmation of the Piedmontese
Elisa Longo Borghini (Wiggle High5): the bronze medal at the Rio 2016 Olympics was the great
protagonist of this fraction by putting behind the Venetian Sofia Bertizzolo (GS Fiamme Oro)
and the other Piedmontese Anna Ceoloni (SC Michela Fanini) in an all-Italian podium that
served as an extraordinary framework for sports and tourism-promotional in Offida, the "city of lace"
counted among the most beautiful villages in Italy.

There were 79 participants on this second day with the general organization of Born to Win in
synergy with the Società Cicloamatori Offida. Worthy of note among the starters, the presence of
two athletes from the Marche region: AnastasiaCarbonari (from Montegranaro) from Born to Win
and Sara Grifi (from Capodarco) who returns as protagonist in a road race as a pure mountain bike
specialist under the GC Capodarco-Community of Capodarco.

A start of the race marked by the shot of Glory Odiase (Nigeria): a beautiful showcase for the entire
Nigerian national team present at the Tour of the Marches in Rosa that participates for the first time
ever in a European race (together with Odiase compete with the shirt of the national also Adejoke
Durogbade, Tombrapa Gripka, Ese Ukpeseraye and Rose Mary Marcus).













Another short escape for Alessia Dal Magro (SC Michela Fanini) who was the prelude to the first flying
finish of Ponte Tesino (first place of Rachele Barbieri of Wiggle High5). Subsequently in advance Bertizzolo
and Giulia Marchesini (Aromitalia Vaiano) attacking in a stretch of dirt road that preceded the development
of the second flying finish (Ponte Tesino) to the prerogative of Barbieri.

The world champion on track (scratch) 2017 was the protagonist of a new escape attempt together with twelve
other athletes: Bertizzolo, Marchesini, Carbonari, Emilia Matteoli (Aromitalia Vaiano), Natalia Studenikina (Russia),
Ana Maria Covrig (Eurotarget Bianchi Vitasana), Anna Ceoloni (SC Michela Fanini), Maja Perinovic
(Cro, Top Girls Fassa Bortolo), Sofia Beggin (Representative FCI Veneto), Francesca Baroni (Vallerbike),
the multi-racetrack Vittoria Guazzini (Zhiraf Guerciotti Selle Italia) and Gloria Scarsi (Valcar Pbm).

After the six flat rides between Ponte Tesino and Santa Maria Goretti, the ascent to Offida has further selected
the group of the thirteen fugitive with Bertizzolo and twice Elisa Longo Borghini (Wiggle High5) to win the three
mountain prizes placed in the heart of the center historic offer in Piazza del Popolo.

During the last ascent to the finish line, the forcing of Longo Borghini was decisive for the success (the second
seasonal after the gold medal at the Mediterranean Games disputed in Tarragona in Spain) and also for the
conquest of the ranking points. Detached by a dozen seconds a gritty Bertizzolo (recently winner of the UCI
Women's World Tour under 23 ranking). The real surprise of the day was Ceoloni who won the third place
anticipating a handful of seconds Angelica Brogi (Aromitalia Vaiano). Seventh position on arrival for Camilla
Alessio (Team Lady Zuliani), the best of the junior / under 20 in front of Barbara Malcotti of Valcar Pbm (ninth)
and to Guazzini (tenth).

Longo Borghini wins the pink jersey of leader of the points classification, the blue one of the mountain grand
prix is ​​on the shoulders of Dalia Muccioli of Valcar Pbm (19th at the finish line). In Barbieri the green jersey of
the flying goals, while Malcotti reconfirms the leader of the young under 20s in white jersey.

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1. Elisa Longo Borghini (Wiggle High5) 87.3 kilometers in 2.22'23 "average 36.788 km / h

2. Sofia Bertizzolo (GS Fiamme Oro) at 12 "

3. Anna Ceoloni (Sc Michela Fanini) at 2'17 "

4. Angelica Brogi (Aromitalia Vaiano) at 2'23 "

5. Monika Kiraly (Sc Michela Fanini) at 2'35 "

6. Rasa Leleivyte (Ltu, Aromitalia Vaiano) at 2'49 "

7. Camilla Alessio (Team Lady Zuliani) at 2'51 "

8. Ana Maria Covrig (Eurotarget - Bianchi - Vitasana) at 2'54 "

9. Barbara Malcotti (Valcar Pbm) at 2'57 "

10. Vittoria Guazzini (Zhiraf Guerciotti Selle Italy) at 4'09 "

11. Natalia Studenikina (Russia)

12. Giulia Marchesini (Aromitalia Vaiano)

13. Silvia Magri (Representative FCI Veneto)

14. Lara Vieceli (Representative FCI Veneto)

15. Kseniia Tcymbaliuk (Russia)

16. Arianna Fidanza (Eurotarget - Bianchi - Vitasana)

17. Matilde Vitillo (Racconigi Cycling Team)

18. Asja Paladin (Valcar Pbm)

19. Dalia Muccioli (Valcar Pbm)

20. Simona Bortolotti (Zhiraf Guerciotti Selle Italy)

21. Gloria Nardi (Speedy Women Team)

22. Aleksandra Stepanova (Russia)

23. Lisa De Ranieri (Aromitalia Vaiano)

24. Greta Marturano (Sc Michela Fanini)

25. Chiara Perini (Top Girls - Fassa Bortolo)

26. Nadia Quagliotto (Top Girls - Fassa Bortolo)

27. Emilia Matteoli (Aromitalia Vaiano)

28. Laura Tomasi (Top Girls - Fassa Bortolo)

29. Silvia Pollicini (Valcar Pbm)

30. Sofia Chirkova (Russia)

31. Amiliya Iskakova (Kazakistian)

32. Francesca Baroni (Vallerbike)

33. Maja Perinovic (Top Girls - Fassa Bortolo)

34. Sofia Beggin (Representative FCI Veneto)

35. Rachele Barbieri (Wiggle High5)

36. Caris Cosentino (Born to Win)

37. Sara Grifi (GC Capodarco-Community of Capodarco)

38. Maria Rostovtseva (National Russia)

39. Arianna Sessi (Tre Colli - Chirio)

40. Makhabbat Umutzhanova (Kazakhstan)

41. Anastasia Carbonari (Born to Win)

42. Vittoria Reati (Born to Win)

43. Debora Silvestri (Eurotarget - Bianchi - Vitasana)

44. Alexandra Goncharova (National Russia)

45. Rinata Sultanova (Kazakhstan)

46. ​​Federica Severi (Vallerbike)

47. Matilde Foggi (Vallerbike)

48. Silvia Folloni (Zhiraf Guerciotti Selle Italy)


1. Elisa Longo Borghini (Wiggle High5) 35 points

2. Angelica Brogi (Aromitalia Vaiano) 22

3. Sofia Bertizzolo (GS Fiamme Oro) 21

4. Dalia Muccioli (Valcar Pbm) 20

5. Monika Kiraly (Hun, Sc Michela Fanini) 18

6. Anna Ceoloni (Sc Michela Fanini) 12

7. Barbara Malcotti (Valcar Pbm) 10

8. Rasa Leleivyte (Ltu, Aromitalia Vaiano) 6

9. Kseniia Tcymbaliuk (Russia) 5

10. Camilla Alessio (Team Lady Zuliani) 5

11. Ana Maria Covrig (Eurotarget - Bianchi - Vitasana) 3

12. Beatrice Rossato (Top Girls - Fassa Bortolo) 3

13. Lisa De Ranieri (Aromitalia Vaiano) 2

14. Vittoria Guazzini (Zhiraf Guerciotti Selle Italy) 1

15. Lara Vieceli (Representative FCI Veneto) 1


1. Dalia Muccioli (Valcar Pbm) 30 points

2. Elisa Longo Borghini (Wiggle High5) 27

3. Sofia Bertizzolo (GS Fiamme Oro) 24

4. Anna Ceoloni (SC Michela Fanini) 17

5. Kseniia Tcymbaliuk (Russia) 14

6. Natalia Studenikina (Russia) 10

7. Angelica Brogi (Aromitalia Vaiano) 5

8. Ana Maria Covrig (Eurotarget Bianchi Vitasana) 5


1. Rachele Barbieri (Wiggle High5) 20 points

2. Sofia Bertizzolo (GS Fiamme Oro) 15

3. Maja Perinovic (Cro, Top Girls Fassa Bortolo) 12

4. Dalia Muccioli (Valcar Pbm) 10

5. Giulia Marchesini (Aromitalia Vaiano) 7

6. Ana Maria Covrig (Eurotarget - Bianchi - Vitasana) 7

7. Giorgia Bariani (Representative FCI Veneto) 7

8. Natalia Studenikina (Russia) 5

9. Anna Ceoloni (SC Michela Fanini) 5


1. Barbara Malcotti (Valcar Pbm) 17 points

2. Camilla Alessio (Team Lady Zuliani) 10

3. Giorgia Bariani (Representative FCI Veneto) 7

4. Anastasia Carbonari (Born To Win) 5

5. Vittoria Guazzini (Zhiraf Guerciotti Selle Italy) 5

6. Maja Perinovic (Top Girls - Fassa Bortolo) 3

7. Silvia Magri (Representative FCI Veneto) 3

8. Matilde Vitillo (Racconigi Cycling Team) 2

9. Francesca Baroni (Vallerbike) 2


Last effort of the 2018 edition of the Giro delle Marche in Rosa in Porto San Giorgio. The route measures
98.6 kilometers: four laps of a ring of 18.6 kilometers to be done four times with the tear of Contrada Albarelli
while the fifth final round of 24.5 kilometers presents the famous climb of Capodarco with the passage in front
of the Monument Fabio Casartelli seat of the only mountain grand prix of this hamlet. Descent towards the
seafront of Porto San Giorgio in Piazza Bambinopoli starting point (at 14:00), arrival and the two flying goals
(at the end of the second and fourth small rounds).

Another extraordinary team test of the Aromitalia - Vaiano team on the second day of the "Giro delle Marche in
Rosa" race. In the Offida-Offida of 87.3 kilometers the training directed in the flagship by technicians Paolo Baldi
and Matteo Ferrari offered a performance to be screamed. In the initial kilometers of the race were the young Tuscan
promises Giulia Marchesini and Emilia Matteoli to animate the race. The Marchesini has long been in command
together with the winner of the U.C.I. Women's World Tour Young 2018 Sofia Bertizzolo, while Matteoli was quick
to get involved in the immediate counterattacks. During the decisive phases of the race, Angelica Brogi, third in the
first day, and the champion of Lithuania Rasa Leleivyte, who exploited the excellent work of the companions who
had previously fled from the group, came into action. The Brogi, despite an unfortunate and sudden fall uphill, has
been able to throw the heart over the obstacle and has caught an excellent fourth place to a few seconds
from the podium, while Rasa Leleivyte is over sixth. To underline also the twelfth place taken by an exhausted Giulia
Marchesini and the twenty-third place of a tenacious Lisa De Ranieri, already great protagonist in the first day. In light
of these results the Brogi is second in the overall standings and Friday, September 14 will try to conquer the coveted
pink jersey in Porto San Giorgio-Porto San Giorgio of 98.6 kilometers.


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